Your Journey Begins

Since the dawn of humanity there have always been certain souls that are called to something greater.
An inner knowing that there is more to life than meets the eyes. 
An ever present desire, not just to know, but to experience the True nature of Self and Reality.

Down though the ages,for thousands of years,the answers have been searched for,and the answers have been found.
Passed down from teacher to student,on every continent and in every language,this Ancient Wisdom can now be yours.
Here at the Ancient Ways Academy,If you take the time to fully absorb the knowledge we present,and diligently practice the techniques we offer,you too will reach the answers you seek.
In time, you will learn to Master your Body, Mind, and Spirit.
In time, you will learn to Master your Life. 

The 3 Paths:

Symbolized by the Square, the Body is the physical vessel for our Mind and Spirit. A part of the material world, it is built on fundamental rules and laws that can be learned and mastered. The Path of the Body is more important than most people realize . . .

Symbolized by the Triangle, The Mind is the connector between Body and Spirit. Because the Mind is able to work in both the Physical and Spiritual realms, learning to master it is essential in the Journey to Balance and Self Mastery. . .

Symbolized by the Circle, the Spirit holds the Key to our Self Mastery. Without the Body and Mind however, the Spirit cannot be experienced in our regular waking life. It is not just Enlightenment that should be sought, but Embodied Enlightenment . . .

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Adam Meyer:
Founder and Lead Instructor

Adam was born with a rare and serious genetic disease, Gaucher's Disease, and given only 6 years to live. And so began his Journey into the Mystic. Adam persevered past that dire prediction and began seeking answers to make sense of his challenging life. The answers came, and Adam found his way onto the path of the Ancient Wisdom. For more than 20 years now he has been walking that path, and is ready to share the Wisdom he has found. 

Learn More About Adam and The Ancient Ways Academy Faculty . . .

Adam's Certifications and Qualifications include:

500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500)
Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac)
Master of Science Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM)
Master of Metaphysics (M.M)
Usui Reiki Master
Non-Denominational Minister
Liver of Life
Lover of Life
Modern Day Mystic

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