Symbolized by the Square, the Body is the physical vessel for our Mind and Spirit. A part of the material world, it is built on fundamental rules and laws that can be learned and mastered. Much like the Square, the rules of the material world are rigid and firm. They are precise, like the 90 degree angles of the square. Also like the Square, the rules of the material world are based on balance and equality.

The Path of the Body is more important than most people realize because without the Physical Body, Enlightenment is not possible. Let thank sink in for a moment. Without the Physical Body, Enlightenment is not possible. Let me explain:
There is a reason we choose to incarnate into a Human Body. In our non-physical, Spiritual state, we are already Enlightened beings. That's the easy part. The challenge is crystalizing into a physical form, then bringing the Enlightened state with. It sounds easy enough, except that we choose to forget. The moment we enter into our Physical Bodies, we forget that we are Enlightened beings. Do you see the challenge now? This is the game of life. To become that which we already are, fully Enlightened Beings.
So how does the Body play into this? We have to take our fully physical, material body and prepare it to hold and handle purely Spiritual energy. If we didn't first learn to strengthen the body, it would be like plugging a 10 volt radio into a 1000 volt plug. Kaboom! Bad news for the radio!
But just having a body strong enough to handle the Spirit isn't enough. We need to learn to master the body as well so that we can control all of the energy it now has. If not, it would be like giving a light saber to a toddler. That's a lot of power waiting to be used in all the wrong ways. With the right training and practice, you too can learn to master your Body, and make it a vessel worth of your true Spiritual Self.

Path of the Body: Blogs

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Path of the Body: Online Courses Coming Soon

Prana Power

Strengthen and prepare your Body to access more Prana, more bio-energy, to make your journey on the path even greater . . .

Solar Yoga Flow

Energize your Body, Mind, and Spirit with this fun and enjoyable 60 Minute Yoga flow.

Lunar Yoga Flow

Relax, Let Go, and Drift into Bliss in this 60 Minute gentle and meditative Yoga sequence.


Ayur-Vinyasa can be transalted to mean "the Flow of Life." Journey through the life cycle from Birth, to Death, and back again in this powerful and meditative 60 minute Yogic journey.

Path of the Body: Live Events

Yoga Teacher Training-RYT200

Whether you are brand new to Yoga, or a seasoned practitioner, the information and experiences in store for you are sure to take your practice and experience of Yoga to another level entirely.
Along this journey you will discover that Yoga is far more than just a physical practice. In fact, it is the art and science of life itself. A roadmap to living as an illumined being, fully aware, fully at peace.
With sincere dedication and consistent practice over time, you too can become like the greatest Yogis and sages the world has known.

Usui Reiki Level 1

Reiki Healing is a Japanese energy healing, or "hands-on-healing" technique for stress reduction, relaxation, health, and well being. The word Reiki can be loosely translated to mean "Universal Energy."
As an Usui Reiki Level 1 Practitioner you will learn to channel this Universal Energy to yourself and others by simply placing your hands on the physical body. In essence you become the "Jumper Cable" connecting yourself or your client to the Universal Energy so that the necessary healing can take place.

Usui Reiki Level 2

A Level 2 Reiki Practitioner learns to take their connection with the Universal Energy to another level.
With this second stage of training the practitioner will be able to charge objects and the environment with Reiki Energy, send healing energy across unlimited distances, and learn to heal energetic and emotional imbalances as well.
This course can be taken with, or separate to, the Level 1 training.