Let’s Talk About. . . Prana

Let’s talk about Prana. Or Qi. Or Mana, Pneuma, The Force, Orgone, Aether, Ki, Wakan, Elan Vital, Ha, Ka, rLung, Maban, Ru, Ruach Ha Kodesh, Nilch’i, Life Force, Bio Energy, and . . . do you get the idea?

Throughout time, in every culture and almost every language across the globe, people have been experiencing, describing, and discussing a type of energy or force that underlies and interpenetrates our physical reality. For the sake of this blog, we will use the yogic term Prana to reference this energy.

Although the exact descriptions of Prana vary from place to place, they all agree on some underlying ideas. Here are what we consider to be the 10 Laws of Prana:

  1. Prana is a fundamental substance of the Universe.
  2. Prana is the first expression, or separation of God, The Tao, The All, The Divine (whatever term works for you) from itself. In other words, the first thing to exist after God, was Prana.
  3. Prana existed before the physical universe. In fact, everything is built with, by, on, and in Prana.
  4.  All that we can see, hear, touch, taste, and so on is Prana. Everything. Even these words you are reading, the eyes you are reading them with, and the electrical signals moving through your brain to make sense of it all. Everything is Prana. The only thing that differentiates your hand from your computer, from the air around you, is the rate and rhythm at which the Prana is vibrating.
  5. In order for something to happen in the physical world, it must first happen in the realm of Prana. So, in order to heal, manifest, or change something in the physical world, it must first be done in the Pranic one.
  6. Prana flows and moves in certain pathways and patterns. This in true in the Universe at large, the Earth, the physical body, cells, molecules, and even down to the quantum level and beyond.
  7. As Prana can effect the physical, so too can the physical effect Prana. This is the basis for many forms of healing, martial arts, and spiritual practices around the world. In learning to control Prana, one learns to control the world within them, and around them.
  8. Prana can be generated, stored, moved, and transformed through certain movements and techniques of the body, breath, and mind. This is the basis of things such as Qi Gong, Inner Alchemy, Mudras, Yogic Postures, and so forth.
  9. Prana is not just one thing. There are a variety of different “types” of Prana. Each type of Prana has particular properties and capabilities. A Prana that can be used to create heat, one to create cool, one to create lightness, another to create stability. There is a Prana of the Liver, another of the Heart, one for the bones, and another for the muscles. A Wood Prana, Fire Prana, Water Prana, etc. Different systems call them by different names. The names are not as important as the underlying idea.
  10. No significant Spiritual progress can be made without Prana. Access to higher and higher states of consciousness require more and more Prana. It’s like driving. The further you want to go, the more fuel you need. Prana is fuel for the Spirit. Without it, you can only go so far. This is why the great Masters were, and still are, able to achieve such incredible feats. Why so many of them are described as having a glow. This glow is Prana. The powerful fuel that “lights” them up. The fuel that is ever present, never ending, and available to us all.

These 10 concepts should serve as a significant starting point on your journey to understanding more about Prana and the energetic universe. As with everything here at the Ancient Ways Academy, nothing should be taken as absolute. The only real Truth will be the one that your experiences bring to you. While our experience has shown these principles to be accurate, it is now up to you to determine that for yourself.

Until next time,

Journey Well.

About the Author Adam Meyer

I am a Mystic, a Seeker of Truth in all its forms. Through Travel, Study, and Self-Cultivation I hope to reveal the Divine Truth, Light, and Love within myself in order to share it with others, and perhaps make the world a little brighter as well.

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