So, What is Metaphysics?

At its heart, the Ancient Ways Academy is a school of Metaphysics. This is not in the traditional philosophical sense. From our standpoint, Metaphysics is the science of the unseen world. This includes the world around us, and even more importantly the world within us.

Within this realm of Metaphysics there is a wide variety of subject matter and information. However, there are some common underlying principles that should be understood. These principles are:

  1. There is a realm of existence behind and beyond what our 5 senses are capable of understanding. We can call this the “Non Physical Reality.”
  2. This Non Physical Reality is the source for, and foundation of, our physical reality.
  3. Our Physical Reality can be effected and manipulated by the Non Physical Reality.
  4. Much like our physical world has rules (gravity, time, etc), so the Non Physical Realities have their own set of rules.
  5. When you learn what the rules are, you can learn how to break, or at least bend them. This is true for all realities.
  6. We exist in ALL realities.
  7. We can apply certain techniques in our physical reality in order to access and effect the Non Physical Reality. This is true enlightenment, and self-mastery. This is the work of the Ancient Ways Academy.

Over time, these truths have been interpreted and translated into a variety of different philosophies and teaching. Sometimes, the truth got lost in the language, and the messenger became more important than the message.

Here at the Ancient Ways Academy, we cut through cultural and philosophical flavorings in order to get straight to the Truth. Ultimately, we do not expect you to take our word for it. The proof will be in the work you do, and the experiences you cultivate.

Such is the journey of the metaphysician, the modern day mystic. A journey we are profoundly proud to share with you.

About the Author Adam Meyer

I am a Mystic, a Seeker of Truth in all its forms. Through Travel, Study, and Self-Cultivation I hope to reveal the Divine Truth, Light, and Love within myself in order to share it with others, and perhaps make the world a little brighter as well.

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