Symbolized by the Circle, the Spirit is complete and whole. As the Circle represents oneness and connection with all things, so too does the Spirit. There is no beginning and no end to a Circle, as the Spirit is limitless as well.
The Spirit is perfect, there are no hard angles, no rigid rules. The Spirit simply is.

The Spirit holds the Key to our Enlightenment, but without the Body and Mind it cannot be experienced in our regular waking life. In the Path of the Spirit, we bring together the Mind and the Body to make way for the Spirit. It is here that we learn to listen, and to watch, to learn the language of the Spirit so that we may interact with it. When we can learn to let go, to let the Spirit reside within us, and work through us, then we will have found our way to Enlightenment. Not just a theoretical Enlightenment of story books and ancient tales, but a day to day, in the flesh, Embodied Enlightenment.

Explore below to find your way even closer to living in an Enlightened state.

Path of the Spirit: Blogs

The Doors to the Academy are Now Open!
Welcome to the Ancient Ways Academy. If you are here, it is no accident. This Academy, and in a sense[...]
So, What is Metaphysics?
At its heart, the Ancient Ways Academy is a school of Metaphysics. This is not in the traditional philosophical sense.[...]

Path of the Spirit: Online Courses Coming Soon

Shining Spirit

Auras? Energy Balls? Astral Travel? Begin to learn and practice all of these things and more as you start connecting with your Spirit. . .

Path of the Spirit: Live Events

Yoga Teacher Training-RYT200

Whether you are brand new to Yoga, or a seasoned practitioner, the information and experiences in store for you are sure to take your practice and experience of Yoga to another level entirely.
Along this journey you will discover that Yoga is far more than just a physical practice. In fact, it is the art and science of life itself. A roadmap to living as an illumined being, fully aware, fully at peace.
With sincere dedication and consistent practice over time, you too can become like the greatest Yogis and sages the world has known.

Usui Reiki Level 1

Reiki Healing is a Japanese energy healing, or "hands-on-healing" technique for stress reduction, relaxation, health, and well being. The word Reiki can be loosely translated to mean "Universal Energy."
As an Usui Reiki Level 1 Practitioner you will learn to channel this Universal Energy to yourself and others by simply placing your hands on the physical body. In essence you become the "Jumper Cable" connecting yourself or your client to the Universal Energy so that the necessary healing can take place.

Usui Reiki Level 2

A Level 2 Reiki Practitioner learns to take their connection with the Universal Energy to another level.
With this second stage of training the practitioner will be able to charge objects and the environment with Reiki Energy, send healing energy across unlimited distances, and learn to heal energetic and emotional imbalances as well.
This course can be taken with, or separate to, the Level 1 training.