The Academy Crest

The Owl

The Owl is the keeper, guide, and guardian of the Ancient and Sacred Wisdom. It sees the unseen, it knows the unknown. The Owl watches over all who enter the doors of the Academy. Seeking the Owl is the 1st stage of the Journey.

The Key of Life

The Key of Life brings the student to the 2nd stage in the Journey to Enlightenment. A Seed of Life with a 3-pronged key, this symbol represents the blossoming and opening of Body, Mind, & Spirit. This is the unlocking of the Sacred Wisdom within, through the knowledge bestowed by the Owl.

The Pinecone

The Pinecone represents the 3rd stage on the Journey. It is symbolic of the Pineal gland, a tiny little gland at the center of the brain, the meeting point between Matter and Spirit, the physical 3rd Eye. When it is opened and activated through the Owl and the Key, the student will begin to experience life in ways they never dreamed.

The 12 Petalled Lotus

The 12 Petalled Lotus represents the 4th stage of the Journey. A symbol of the Heart Chakra, this represents the opening and blossoming of your True Self. This is Embodied Enlightenment, living from the Light within, sharing that Light with the world.

The Phoenix Wings

The Phoenix Wings represent the 5th and Final stage of the Journey. No matter how you look at it, the student who completes the journey, is not the same one who begins it. Along the way, the old self, the ego self has to die. This is the real challenge of the Journey. It is the reason why if the Journey is begun, it must be completed. Only then will the Student rise up and fly as a fully illumined being. A Phoenix, born of the inner fire, the inner Light, ready to illuminate the world.

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